new age, alt rock & electronica

This week's 5 new albums:

  • dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019: Resonance - Alt Rock
    He Who Sings Thinks No Evil

  • Justin St-Pierre: La Faille - Alt Rock
    Acoustic percusive guitar

  • Matthew E Sargent: The Orchestral Master - New Age
    masterfully composed orchestral and electronic film scores

  • Mercy Machine: The Devil I Know - The Remixes - Electronica
    introspective avant-pop songs

  • Windpearl: Mother Earth - Electronica
    Eclectic, atmospheric hard electronica with a helping of chiptune sounds and drum & bass

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Description:Eclectic, atmospheric hard electronica with a helping of chiptune sounds and drum & bass
Album:Mother Earth

While I was in France, I wanted my next album to have some Asian feeling. When I arrived in Asia, first in China and then in Thailand, I was surprised by the behavior of the local people. There are plastic bags everywhere, beaches and rivers are polluted to a level you cannot imagine, the inhabitants throw their rubbish right where they stand without making the effort to move to the closest trash bin. Nobody cleans, nobody picks up the rubbish, nobody protects or respects the environment. It's a very shocking and sad thing to see. This motivated me to release this album dedicated to our poor and bullied Earth, as well as to all the living beings. Because the distress of the Earth is the distress of all of us. And because we tend to easily forget that Mankind with its 3 million years of existence only represents 0.00067% of the 4.5 billion years our Earth has been around!

This album features various music genres, but is mainly axed on electronic music. The influences are diverse, even classical: there are two songs played with a church organ (also known as pipe organ). The general mood of this album is still quite "dark", as people had noticed on my first album. So fans will likely appreciate this album as well :).

I hope that my music can make you feel my sorrow about the fate of our poor Earth and make you want to protect what remains of it at all cost.

Happy listening!

Released December 18, 2008
All tracks written, composed and mixed by Gabriel Hautclocq. Atworks also from Gabriel Hautclocq, some rights reserved.

Description:introspective avant-pop songs
Artist:Mercy Machine
Album:The Devil I Know - The Remixes

"The Devil I Know: The Remixes" is a remix concept based on Mercymachine's last release, "The Devil I Know", which tracks an imaginary priest's descent into chaos. This fictional character is a tragic figure, yet not without faith or merit. Remix artists from around the world took turns interpreting his allegorical descent from the basilica to the Bowery, and eventually to the abyss. Highlights include Q Burns Abstract Message (The Devil I Know - Ticking Clock Mix) and The Man I Create (Gabo - Tuscan Devil Mix).

Description:masterfully composed orchestral and electronic film scores
Genre:New Age
Artist:Matthew E Sargent
Album:The Orchestral Master

The Orchestral Master album is complete with numerous genres of symphonic/electronic music. With anything from hardcore epic, to romance and everything in between, this album delivers a new era of symphonic orchestral/electronic music that is quite unique, with Matthew's own compositional voice involved in every track. This album is very diverse in many ways, as no two tracks sound alike. Last but not least, The Orchestral Master was inspired by the many films and TV shows that Matthew has been a fan of throughout the years.

Description:Acoustic percusive guitar
Genre:Alt Rock
Artist:Justin St-Pierre
Album:La Faille

La Faille (The Fault) is Justin St-Pierre's second album, which he published in 2011 as a tribute to his native land, in which gold mining still constitutes an important industry. Dedicated to his father, who died in the mines, this album also is a way to say goodbye to this region. Deep and soulful, La Faille will make you dream of vast landscapes and lead you into the depths of Mother Earth.

Description:He Who Sings Thinks No Evil
Genre:Alt Rock

Herd Records presents RESONANCE by Icicle ( - 4th solo album of genre-defying tracks.

Official Release Date - February 19th, 2017

Listeners are invited to discover select early-release tracks on Bandcamp (dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi and SoundCloud (

"These 13 songs take us on a journey of style and depth," reports Soundwaves Review ( "We have funky dance, spacey grooves, instrumental tracks blending industrial and electronic sound, and lyrics that captivate with their honesty."

RESONANCE reaches a broad new scope for Icicle, the alias of Krassy Halatchev who has been swept up in an intensely productive and personal wave of song-writing since going out on his own. Thus it is no surprise that this new record stands tall to its predecessors - Resurgence (2014), Theorems (2015), and Reverie (2016).

Floridian poet Joel Jenkins lends lyrics to Win Win Win, Super Connected, and Hanging Ten. All other lyrics and all songs on RESONANCE are written, performed, arranged, recorded, and produced by Icicle.

The new album is characterized by especially strong and inventive writing. The mix ranges from raw and brutal sounds like those in War and Smoke & Ash, to Runaway Train - a "break-up song." 1962, says Icicle, "is a throwback into the height of the Communist regime; a parallel between the East and the West," while Madness Is My Home (first single) evokes "the mad scientist, working relentlessly on a small miracle, finding that Eureka moment at the break of dawn." The album opens with the instrumental Tuck the Puck - Icicle's signature, and closes with Hanging Ten - "a reminiscence and reflection upon the way of the world and its mechanism; a call for awakening and realization; a call for revolution of the mind."

For more information on Icicle and RESONANCE contact:

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