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Sun Palace: Gossamer folk-rock.

Sun Palace is the musical vision of vocalist, songwriter, and musician Andriette Redmann, who was raised on a Wisconsin cherry farm that doubled as an artist colony—a place she describes as "a combination of Ringling Brothers and a Bergman film." Andriette came from a musical family going back many generations and her earliest inspiration was her aunt, Frances Martinsek, a popular accordianist of the 1930's and 40's.

"Aunt Fran had me singing in front of audiences at the age of four in her cast-off silk and satin gowns," says Reddman. "I loved her stories about playing for the Milwaukee Braves, the Green Bay Packers, and the German Chancellor."

As adulthood approached, Andriette launched herself into world travel and musical exploration, learning about jazz at Berklee College of Music, classical at Hunter College, and punk, electro-pop, and Bulgarian folk singing in New York City.

Soon after her arrival in New York, Andriette landed a recording contract with CBS Italia Records. "Performing in Itay was an absolutely 'Felliniesque' experience," she says. My band and I were appearing on Italian TV, playing in the popular 'FestivalBar,' and hanging out with the Italian rock stars. The wine, the food, the song—every moment was chaotic and surreal!"

Then tragedy struck, her parents passing away within two years of each other, and Andriette considers her time spent caring for them precious. "Nothing can prepare you for the extreme feelings of losing both your parents," she says, "especially when it happens when you're so young. I felt I was looking down over the sharp edge of the world and gazing into a black, bottomless abyss." Grief-stricken, Andriette continued to search for meaning through music and various esoteric studies in psychology and bodywork, finding inspiration through the pursuit of sacred Hawaiian Hula dancing.

The spirit genrated by Andriette's quest also led to the creation of Sun Palace, and its debut CD, Into Heaven, which featured ten songs dealing with death, life and the reflection of beauty that comes from both. With co-producer and guitarist John Rokosny (Smithereens/Carry Nation) onboard, along with lead guitarist Tony Geballe (DGM artist/Trey Gunn Band/Toyah/theatrical composer), Sun Palace began to enjoy national attention. The song "Into Heaven" was featured in the soundtrack of the film, Indian Fish, and the song "Your Hands Lie Open" appeared in national ad campaign. Songs from Into Heaven went into heavy rotation on XM Satellite Radio, and all Borders bookstores showcased the disc as well.

In 2005, Sun Palace announced the release of its critically acclaimed new album, Give Me a Perfect World: a delicately buoyant work of lush, layered folk-rock that Andriette lovingly dedicated it to her late brother and gifted musician, John Redmann, who appears on the recording, along with sister Marise Redmann. The record also features an illustrious lineup of major league recording industry veterans, including legendary drummer and percussionist Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel/Paul McCartney/Elvis Costello), Smithereens frontman Pat DiNizio, cellist Jane Scarpantoni (Springsteen/Lou Reed/REM), and drummer Mark Brotter (HEM).

Says Andrietti: "Give Me A Perfect World is ready for the world."

  Sun Palace

[Into Heaven by Sun Palace]

dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019Into Heaven

[Give Me a Perfect World by Sun Palace]

dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019Give Me a Perfect World

Sun Palace lives in New York, USA.

Tagged as: dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019Alt Rock, Rock, Woman Singing Electro Pop.

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