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Sambodhi Prem: Reflections of the moon in music.

Sambodhi Prem's music touches the essence of meditation in sound. He gives the listener an almost tangible experience of being in the presence of silent naturalness.

Born in Holland in the old city of Haarlem, just a stone's throw from Amsterdam, the inspiration of international exchange was always close by. In his early twenties, through reading one of his books, he became inspired by the enlightened mystic Osho. He became a part of the Humaniversity in the Netherlands, a breakthrough commune founded by one of Osho's disciples, Swami Anand Veeresh.

Sambodhi Prem's name means "Enlightened Love". For him it is an everyday reminder that he has been touched by one of the most beautiful, courageous and intelligent human beings that has walked the face of the Earth and a remembering to live and breath that beauty, courage and intelligence in his own life.

About his musicianship Sambodhi Prem says: "When one merges into stillness, when musical notes turn into waves of knowing and sounds are stirred and sent away on journeys through the air - to create music like that - a pureness of heart is required. I set out on a journey to face myself and to learn the scope of my own being. Beautiful music has to come from a beautiful place in yourself. At a young age I decided to discover that place." "I like to create music to disappear into, to let sounds become silence, so that the listener, alone at night in a mellow room, can have a glimpse of the divine. "

Music has been a thread running through Sambodhi Prem's life that joined parts that were fragmented and merged together polarities that appeared disparitive. "When energy starts to bubble up from nowhere, heed its call. Go with the overflow and let yourself be part of precious things, follow your bliss, but don't ignore your agony," he adds.

Together with his partner dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019Sandipa, an accomplished painter, he has written a book about the challenges of staying well in the modern day: "dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019The All And Everything Of Healthy Living".

Artwork credit Sandipa - As Earth Forms: The Pearl

"Celebration is my religion, love is my message, silence is my truth." - Osho

Sambodhi Prem lives together with Ma Deva Sandipa in Mount Franklin, Victoria, Australia, where the sounds of his studio resonate with the abundance of nature...golden leaves fall on the surface of a lily pond.

You can find out more about Sambodhi on his website.

  Sambodhi Prem

[Mirror of the Sun by Sambodhi Prem]

Mirror of the Sun

[One Hour Long Bird Song by Sambodhi Prem]

One Hour Long Bird Song

[Rose Water Moon by Sambodhi Prem]

Rose Water Moon

[Seven Waves of Knowing by Sambodhi Prem]

Seven Waves of Knowing

[Sunlight Rain River by Sambodhi Prem]

Sunlight Rain River

Sambodhi Prem lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tagged as: Ambient, New Age, Inspirational, Instrumental Ambient, Acoustic Guitar, Chillout, Contemporary Piano, Daydreaming, Flute, Massage, Spa and relaxation, Yoga.

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