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Robert Otto: Ambient electronic and neoclassical soundscapes.

Robert Otto uses music to create atmospheric experiences. His music would best be described as Ambient Electronic Soundscapes, Neoclassical or New Age. The atmospheres that he creates through his music are sometimes cosmic and floating, sometimes energetic, sometimes dark and mysterious, but most often peaceful, relaxing and inspiring.

Robert likes to explore the melding of classical music and electronic music elements. The blend of the two varies from track to track, sometimes sounding very electronic and synthesized, and sometimes sounding like a pure classical piece. Many of his compositions are non-linear (not having a repeating verses or choruses), but they do have themes that are echoed within pieces, and sometimes across the tracks in an album.

Robert's music is intended to evoke the feeling of a mood, a time, a place or experience - whether it be flights to the far reaches of deep space and time, voyages to other worlds, trips to exotic distant lands, or explorations of the inner world of contemplative memories. He hopes that you enjoy the journey!

You can find out more about Robert on his bandcamp page.

  Robert Otto

[Ambient Nights by Robert Otto]

Ambient Nights

[Cerulean Blue by Robert Otto]

Cerulean Blue

[Into the Unknown by Robert Otto]

Into the Unknown

[Kuiper Belt Encounter by Robert Otto]

Kuiper Belt Encounter

[Lux Aeterna by Robert Otto]

Lux Aeterna

[The Pause Between Moments by Robert Otto]

The Pause Between Moments

[A Place of Hope by Robert Otto]

A Place of Hope

[Tau Ceti by Robert Otto]

Tau Ceti

Robert Otto lives in New Hampshire, USA.

Tagged as: New Age, Ambient.

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