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David Modica: Layers of lush acoustic guitar.

David Modica's haunting music on acoustic and electric guitar touches the listener's heart with the anticipation and ultimate fulfillment of the journey home. His delicate melodies, continually reinventing themselves, and the rich colors he gently coaxes from his instrument, reflect his experience both as a musician, and as an individual who has spent the major portion of his life seeking inner understanding.

David's style is all his own, developed over many years as a performer and composer. His work involves various techniques including finger style, flat-picking, jazz chording, spontaneous improvisation, classical, rock, blues, and folk. David pulls these various elements together in a unique mix that creates a timeless space in sound.

David music has been used in films by independent film director Ray Nomoto Robison, including Sixes and the One Eyed King, which won the Audience Choice Award at festivals in Miami and Louisville as well as the Best Feature Award at the Rogue Independent Film Festival in Oregon. David's music has also been used to open author Guy Finley's numerous radio programs and multiple audio albums. Actor Desi Arnaz Jr. uses David's music to welcome the audience to shows he produces at his historic Boulder City Theatre in Boulder City, Nevada. Mr. Arnaz says, David's music "has a wonderful calming effect on people waiting for the show to begin."

With ten albums released to date and songs reaching the top 20 on iTunes New Age charts... David's musical style is perpetually evolving Ð from acoustic guitar to electric guitar, native flute, keyboards, percussion and moreÉ DavidÕs compositions continue to push the limits on style, sound and originality. His albums are lyrical, complex, and invite the listener to join in the exploration of all the beauty to be found within and without one's own being.

  David Modica

[Acoustic Earth - Electric Sky by David Modica]

dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019Acoustic Earth - Electric Sky

[Angel by David Modica]

dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019Angel

[Dreaming in Real TIme by David Modica]

Dreaming in Real TIme

[Amazing Grace by David Modica]

Amazing Grace

[My Heart Is A Castle by David Modica]

My Heart Is A Castle

[Native Intuition by David Modica]

Native Intuition

[Near Distant Future by David Modica]

Near Distant Future

[Seraphim by David Modica]


[Stillness and Movement by David Modica]

Stillness and Movement

[Timeless by David Modica]


[The Water is Wide by David Modica]

The Water is Wide

David Modica lives in Oregon, USA.

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