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Kourosh Dini: Minimalist piano with slashes of ambient electronics.

Classically trained, Kourosh Dini explores new ground in the realms of piano and electronic music. His interest lies in the discovery of various emotions in phrases be they composed in the baroque era or in present day dance clubs. He has done scores for short films, both recorded and live.

Kourosh Dini is a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist. He feels music to be an integral part of the development of cognitive and emotional health.

  Kourosh Dini

[April 13, 2013 by Kourosh Dini]

dang ky nhan tien cuoc mien phi 2019April 13, 2013

[Live At Bliss Gardens by Kourosh Dini]

Live At Bliss Gardens

[Calm by Kourosh Dini]


[Legends' Mist by Kourosh Dini]

Legends' Mist

[Ontogeny by Kourosh Dini]


[Sun and Earth by Kourosh Dini]

Sun and Earth

[Water and Sky by Kourosh Dini]

Water and Sky

[Zen and the Piano by Kourosh Dini]

Zen and the Piano

Kourosh Dini lives in Illinois, USA.

Tagged as: New Age, Ambient, Instrumental New Age, Instrumental Ambient, Contemporary Piano, Space Music.

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