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Jarkko Hietanen: Cinematic composer with an electronic past.

Jarkko has been composing music electronically from early 1999. He has explored sounds from electronica to orchestral, from chill-out and down-tempo to game and cinematic music. The possibility to experience different genres and to try all sorts of new and old things in his music is too fascinating for him to pass, so it can't be said he'd have any certain favorite style of music he loves to compose. Some might still say Jarkko has a certain sound to him.

At one point Jarkko composed a lot of single demo songs to be released free online. During this time he founded his largest musical project, "Yasahi". As "Yasahi" or "Yasahimusic" the exploration of the realms of electronica, experimental and most importantly ambient became very important to him. And it so happened that electronic ambient was eventually the genre to push him towards more film and game-like sounds.

Later Jarkko applied to study sound in an academy focusing on TV and film, and took the chance to dedicate himself fully to sound and music. During these studies he received offers for short film and advertisement scoring. This had a huge influence in helping Jarkko realize this was the kind of thing he really wanted to do in his life. Since then he has been composing for variety of projects such as a feature film, short films, mini series, games, advertisements, corporate videos and trailers. He has also had the pleasure of working as a sound designer on various of such projects.

While continuing to experiment with new sounds in his music, he always actively seeks new projects to work on. Most recent events were the signing of various of his tracks to Magnatune and Bonaire Media as well as starting on the score of a feature film and two mini series.

You can find out more about Jarkko and his projects on his own website.

  Jarkko Hietanen

[Cinematic Piano Works Vol 1 by Jarkko Hietanen]

Cinematic Piano Works Vol 1

[Datacube by Jarkko Hietanen]


Jarkko Hietanen lives in Tampere, Finland.

Tagged as: New Age, Instrumental New Age, Cinematic, Contemporary Piano, Daydreaming.

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