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New domain http://www.jarracingphotography.com thank-you for your patience . Christmas Special year end flash drive of all the season racing at Oxford Plains Speedway for $60.00. Copyright release for all pictures. Now taking orders for 2014 Calendar with all Maine Race Track Schedule printed on the calendar, great way to plan your year.
Jarracing Photography is a family owned business with Jeff and Trudy as a husband and wife duo behind the lenses. We pride ourselves on being thorough and unobtrusive, and promise to capture your unique day with creativity, professionalism and charm.
We have pictures back to 2004 at Oxford Plains Speedway,and numerous other sporting events thru-out New England. A customer may ask I don't see my pictures, you will need to call.Beginning 2012 season all pictures will be on-line orders only. All orders will be delivered to your home address or can place an order at the track at the souvenir booths. The booths in the pits and out front with be open during racing events.
Several events thru-out the season we capture the pictures but do not release them till we are notified by the request of the promoter. We have placed them into our photography vault . Please feel free to e-mail us jarracing2003@yahoo.com if you are looking for a special event.
Enjoy our most popular pictures. Thank-you for visiting our website.
Jarracing Photography
158 Macomber Hill Rd
Jay, Maine 04239
207-645-4571 or cell 207-491-8775

All year end flash drive have several ways to order,e-mailed,phone or talk to Trudy.


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